Everything You Need to Know about Window Blinds

According to a survey published online, 58% (out of 750 people surveyed) preferred window blinds over any other type of window treatment. Well, this isn’t surprising because window blinds not only are they highly functional but also they offer great aesthetic appeal. However, one problem is that blinds can be somehow difficult to clean, but the benefits easily overcome this problem. In this article, we are going to look into details the different types of window blinds, one that’s best for you and the benefits of using window blind.

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What’s the difference between window blinds and shades?

In most cases, people use the term blinds to refer to both shades and blinds. But a fact is that while the two are different, they all serve the same purpose, but there is one unique factor that separates them.

Window blinds are available in different types, sizes, and made of different materials. All blinds have slats that adjust up and down, and they can also tilt side to side, allowing you to control the amount of light in the room. On the other hand, shades are available in different sizes and are made of different materials. But unlike blinds, window shades are made of one piece of material rather than slats. For this reason, you can adjust them only up and down and no side to side.

The different types of window blinds

There are two main types of window blinds, and they are Venetian blinds and vertical blinds.

a) Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds have overlapping horizontal slats. Venetian blinds are blinds made of metal or plastic base plates; sometimes wooden slats are used, but in the United States they are usually called wood or bamboo curtains. They are hung on strips called fabric strips or on strings, with which all slats can be rotated together by almost 180 degrees. The louvers can be rotated so that they overlap one side in and then in the opposite direction so that they overlap with the other side inwards.

Between these ends, by varying the rotation, several degrees of separation between the blades can be obtained. Hoisting ropes also run through the slots of each lath. When pulling on these cables, the lower part of the blind moves upwards, as a result of which the lower slats press against the underside of the highest slat when lifting the closure.

b) Vertical Blinds

Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are less likely to accumulate dust because they are vertical. They are easier and faster to use. They also do better on doors and windows sliding from side to side. In the 1970s, there were few options for the fabric, usually beige or white, which should be incorporated into a rigid fabric.

Vertical blinds are available in flat plastic (PVC), fabric, embossed PVC, synthetic wood materials, metal, wood, etc. in bent S-lamellae. Because they are often combined with Japanese Shoji Venetian blinds that use the same wood. Vertical blinds were the most popular in the UK in the 1990s when they lost their lives.

Can Window Blinds Soundproof a Window?

Traffic noise can be a nuisance, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood. DIY Soundproofing is gaining popularity as noise pollution become more rampant in both urban and suburban’s. It’s true you can get soundproof blinds that will help block out unwanted noise leaking through the windows. You can also get soundproof curtains, but they are less effective compared to soundproof window shades.

What are the benefits of using window shades and blinds?

1. More privacy

With blinds, you not only control the amount of light you leave in your house but also prevent strangers from seeing the interior of your room.

The blinds provide you with a level of privacy that you cannot reach with the curtains. Since the bare window is covered with blinds, strangers cannot know what’s in their house, giving their private space a little more security. If you want maximum privacy, it’s best to install the window blinds or shades from top to bottom.

2. Save energy and Money

The sunlight that falls through your windows multiplies many times and heats you up in the room. They can be in winter, but during the summer months, they must be locked. Blinds can help you to save money and lower your electricity bill. Venetian blinds prevent the fading of furniture. Again, because they keep too much sun, which means they do not want to change the furniture.

3. Great for home decoration

Window blinds are available in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors and there ae countless possibilities with the types of window shades that you can use in your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen and even in the bathroom.

They are also available in various materials such as aluminum, wood, synthetic wood, plastic, etc. With these options, you can decorate your room according to your budget. Remember to look for the size of your window to buy the appropriate blinds. If you have children or pets in the house, it is best to install them as they are safer and also aesthetically appealing. Venetian blinds, so that the guests feel comfortable when entering their house.

Final thoughts on Window Blind

It’s evident clear now that blinds have more benefits than shortcomings. While some can be quite expensive, like bamboo blinds, they are worth every penny. They are also safer to use if you have kids or pets in your house.